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Black Rock Crafted India Pale Ale

Black Rock Crafted India Pale Ale

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Part Number:EXT-KIT-BR-IPA
  • Malts:Ale,Lager,Caramalt
  • Hops:Green Bullet,Pacific Gem,Wakatu
  • Yeast:Premium Dry Brewing Yeast
  • Typical Colour:24 EBC
  • Typical Bitterness:54 IBU
  • Package Size:1.7kg
Black Rock have used a high proportion of specialty malt in the Crafted India Pale Ale extract kit which contributes a warm hue to the beer and a toasty character. The flavour is balanced with moderate bitterness from the hops with Wakatu hops added late for their citrus and slightly floral characteristics.

We strongly recommend combining two cans of Black Rock Crafted India Pale Ale to make a full 23L batch. Additional dextrose or brewing sugar can be added to boost the alcohol content as desired.

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