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Black Rock Lager

Black Rock Lager

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  • Malts:Lager
  • Hops:Green Bullet,Pacific Jade
  • Yeast:Standard Dry Yeast
  • Typical Colour:6 EBC
  • Typical Bitterness:20 IBU
  • Package Size:1.7kg
In this Lager extract kit Black Rock have blended a number of hop varieties to produce the characteristic bitterness and aroma one associates with the lager style.

This kit requires either 1kg of brewing sugar or dextrose (not included) however for best results we recommend adding a can of Black Rock Light or Ultra Light Malt Extract. This beer also benefits significantly from using an after-market yeast and we highly recommend Saflager S-23 for Lagers and fermenting between 10 and 15C.

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