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Black Rock Nut Brown Ale

Black Rock Nut Brown Ale

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  • Malts:Lager,Crystal,Black
  • Hops:Green Bullet,Pacific Gem
  • Yeast:Standard Dry Yeast
  • Typical Colour:25 EBC
  • Typical Bitterness:21 IBU
  • Package Size:1.7kg
Like most typical brown ales, Black Rock have ensured this Nut Brown Ale extract kit has a dominant malt character with subtle bittering.

This kit requires either 1kg of brewing sugar or dextrose (not included) however for best results we recommend adding a can of Black Rock Light Malt Extract or even an Amber Malt Extract for additional maltiness. This beer also benefits from using an after-market yeast and we recommend either Safale US-05 or alternately Safale S-04 for a more "English Ale" character.

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